AR-15 Slings - One Worth Seeking At

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AR-15 Slings - One Worth Seeking At

Simple is best when looking for a good rifle sling for your gun platforms.

Sure, you can drop $75 to up over $100 dollars for a sling, but you SHOULDN'T blow money on a high priced sling until you spend time with the STI Rifle Sling... and experience the simplicity, flexibility and ease of use of this sling.

There is no single sling that does everything, but this high quality 2 point sling has what STI calls a FASTloop, which is made up of a nice sized (but not TOO big) thumb loop that is easy to reach without fumbles, and works really well to adjust the sling size and do it... as they say... FAST!

The webbing itself is tube webbing... and you can see what that means when you play with the webbing. It's flat and runs flat in use, but it is really a double reinforced tight mesh weave of nylon that is supposed to be very tough, and cut and chafe resistant... and I can see why they make that statement. The webbing FEELS very durable.

If this was a higher priced 2 point rifle sling, it would be a pretty good deal... Discover further on our related website by visiting per your request. but it's not over priced. It's a bargain for the money... and should probably be more expensive... To read additional info, consider peeping at: read. but I'm not complaining... I can sling a lot of rifles without killing my budget, and have nice slings on them all without settling for an poor quality sling.

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